31 Mar 2013

Sunday Stamping: Easter

Not 100% happy with this, but don't have time to redo it. So on to the nails...
George @Asda - Smarty Pants W7 - Black Cheeky Stamping Plate CH43 Bundle Monster BM302, BM314

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29 Mar 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

I was given this award by fingerfoodnails, really great to get another one! 

Seven 'fun' facts...
1) I like drinking water, lots of people have commented on how odd this is. Is it really odd?!
2) Won't be a grown up until I am 5'3"
3) Cat person
4) I'd like to try out purple contact lenses
5) Not a fan of glitter
6) Me and technology don't mix. I break everything, accidently!
7) On that note I am so clumsy I even walk in to door frames, who moved the door?

Rules can be found here.

I nominate you!

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4 Mar 2013

Another Liebster Award!

I was awared another Liebster award. This one was from PartialToPolish, and these are the questions she asked of me.

11 Questions

What is your favourite band?
I don't have a particular favorite, my musical taste is quite eclectic. 

What is your favourite place in the world?
Somewhere rife with nature.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Litter droppers, there is no need to fling that wrapper on the ground.

What is your favourite movie?
Another really difficult one. At the moment I would have to say Rocky Horror Picture Show.

If you could have one item of any cost for free, what would it be?
A money tree, now that would be useful.

What is the weirdest thing you do?
Now you're asking!

What is your favourite food?
Sandwiches I think? 

What's your favourite thing about painting your nails?
I like how it is a distraction, and at the end you should end up with nice nails.

What career are you hoping for/do you have that you like?
I'd love to do a job which helps other people.

Who do you look up to the most?
Being 5'2" I tend to look up to a lot of people...

How would you describe your style?
I'm not sure I have style. I wear an awful lot of black, loose clothes. Very rarely you'll catch me in skinny jeans, if you do chances are its because of the weather and the need to wear a certain pair of boots.

---- ---- ---- ----

I won't be tagging anyone to do this, as I have already done so a couple of times. If you have a blog and want to get the award from me just comment and I'll have a look over at your blog.

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1 Mar 2013

Disaster Strikes!

You may have seen my St. David's Day nails over on the main blog. This is what happened about 20 minutes later. I am so clumsy its not even funny. It isn't even a vanity thing, its torn deep in to the quick. Vengeance of the cheese grater...

Took off the nail polish and got the nail glue out, then strengthened it with some fibreglass strip I'm trying out (works pretty much the same as the torn teabag trick, but its sticky on the back so makes it slightly easier). While that would have held I did file down the length. Hope the nail grows fast and I've not damaged my nail bed.

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